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Dreamers of the World, Unite

To imagine a socialist United States is what many people might consider a utopian vision. In that particularly pragmatic strain of American thought, utopian has an almost pejorative association to it, too. As in, get real, that’ll never happen. In fact, so thoroughly have the intellectual traditions of socialism been marginalized in the United States

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Thinking for Yourself in America: Revisiting “The Middle Mind”

Curtis White is a retired English professor, novelist and literary and cultural critic. Mostly, he is an intellectual troublemaker. This is a good thing. In his 2003 book, The Middle Mind: Why Americans Don’t Think for Themselves, White offered a uniquely scathing critique of the state of critical imagination in popular American culture. The Middle Mind remains

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Hope, Solidarity, and Acupuncture: Natural Health Care in a Refugee Camp

Healing in Community: Finding Health and Freedom in a Palestinian Refugee Camp Mateo Bernal (CreateSpace, 2011) 256 pages. Treating illness involves getting to the root of a health condition. Or, ideally at least, it should. In the real world much medical practice is geared toward ameliorating symptoms, without necessarily curing the underlying condition. Certainly the

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