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Thinking for Yourself in America: Revisiting “The Middle Mind”

Curtis White is a retired English professor, novelist and literary and cultural critic. Mostly, he is an intellectual troublemaker. This is a good thing. In his 2003 book, The Middle Mind: Why Americans Don’t Think for Themselves, White offered a uniquely scathing critique of the state of critical imagination in popular American culture. The Middle Mind remains

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Hope, Solidarity, and Acupuncture: Natural Health Care in a Refugee Camp

Healing in Community: Finding Health and Freedom in a Palestinian Refugee Camp Mateo Bernal (CreateSpace, 2011) 256 pages. Treating illness involves getting to the root of a health condition. Or, ideally at least, it should. In the real world much medical practice is geared toward ameliorating symptoms, without necessarily curing the underlying condition. Certainly the

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