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Memoir: In the Wild Fields of Summer

This essay was previously published on Rebelle Society. Wild things happen in the summer fields. Wild flowers grow and ladybugs flitter and the sky burns bright blue.  Today, scattered swells of white clouds loom in one California field nearly straight overhead. They do not block the sun, but their presence makes the sky appear even

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Memoir: A Dream in Black and White

This essay was previously published on Rebelle Society. Outside, the fast-moving clouds are breaking as the soft morning light falls over the grass and trees and old courtyard buildings that line the street. I crack the window open for the first time in months and the embryonic spring air wafts in. It’s early, just after sunrise,

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Dawn of the Resistance

Published on Common Dreams (Jan. 24, 2017). As someone once said, a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth puts its boots on. In the 2016 presidential election, right-wing billionaire Donald Trump’s lies may have carried him as far as the White House, but with this past weekend’s global Women’s March on

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