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Three Notes on Doctors and Patients: The Good, the Bad, and Thoughts In-between

These are a few informal observations on health care, the nature of the doctor-patient relationship, and related topics. There are three parts.  Technology and Human Relationships In Dr. Paul Starr’s book, “The Social Transformation of American Medicine,” there is discussion of the historical impact of technology on medical practice. It’s obviously a complex subject, but I’ll

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The Orchestra of Health: Discovering the Healing Effects of Music and Sound

WITH MUSIC EDUCATOR DON CAMPBELL (1947-2012), AUTHOR OF ‘THE MOZART EFFECT’ (QUILL, 2001) In the old Laurel and Hardy movie, “Saps at Sea,” Oliver Hardy suffers from a stress-related disorder known as “hornophobia,” which turns him into a chest-pounding lunatic every time he hears a horn. This is unfortunate because Ollie works in a horn

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