Author: Mark T. Harris

Notes from Occupy Portland: The Liberated Voice of a New Generation

Portland, OR—The floodlights police set up in the streets surrounding Occupy Portland’s encampment just prior to last weekend’s eviction lent a slightly surreal air to the scene at Lownsdale and Chapman squares. Ordered by Mayor Sam Adams to vacate the parks by 12:01 a.m. Sunday, Occupy Portland’s response had been defiantly upbeat. The evening’s events

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Michael Moore’s “Here Comes Trouble”: Celebrity Politics in an Age of Social Protest

Filmmaker Michael Moore is one of those people with a knack for making things happen. As a high school student he won an Elks Club-sponsored school essay on Lincoln’s legacy. Asked to read the essay before the unsuspecting Elks, he blasted the group’s racist policy excluding blacks as members. The Elks hate him, but Walter

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